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Fabricolor Holding Int'l LLC ( FHI ), a leading manufacturer of optically functional materials, was formed in 1999 with the intention of redirecting the organic synthesis expertise of Fabricolor Manufacturing. Originally founded in 1961 as a producer of dyes and pigments for the textile, plastic, printing and coating markets, the name Fabricolor has became synonymous with the highest quality products and inherent technical expertise. Today, FHI provides a wide range of UV, NIR and IR absorbing materials, along with focused R&D, through its network of strategic alliance research partners. By leveraging its own internal expertise and careful utilization of a network of ďbest in classĒ contract and university research organizations, FHI provides its customers with a truly global approach to accessing cutting-edge optically functional materials for an ever expanding range of applications.

Our products are specially designed for the following markets:

  • UV, Visible and NIR dyes for lasers
  • UV Absorbers
  • Optical bleachers
  • Dyes for OLEDíS
  • Laser welding of plastics
  • Biomedical analysis: DNA sequencing, immunoassay and flow cytometry, protein labeling, peptide probing.
  • Security: Security Inks, hidden barcodes, labels, banknotes, checks, credit cards, special documents.
  • Automatic Identification: Optoelectronic validation of authentic documents.
  • Light control: Laser protection and optical filters, window and automotive glass coating films, agricultural films.
We also provide information and custom synthesis of laser dyes, near infrared absorption dyes, dye intermediates, blends and inks formulations for multiple dyes applications. Please contact us for more information about our custom synthesis.