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Code FHI 8472
CAS No. none

λmax, nm 848
Class Cyanines
Purity, % 98.5
Solvent Acetone
E, L/g.cm 330
Melt. Point, oC 264-266

Light High
Thermal High

Solubility, %
Acetone 12
Benzene 0.2
Cyclohexanone 10.5
Ethanol 3
Ethyl Acetate 1.5
Methanol 2.5
Methyl Ethyl Ketone >20

Injection Molding +
Coating +
Laser welding of plastics
NIR&Visible Luminophores
NIR coatings
Security inks
Security ink dyes
Fluorescent Materials&Lasers
NIR light absorbers

Product Description and Application:

This dye is specially designed for security inks applications and has very effective absorption with maximum 848nm and can effectively cover area of absorption between 800 and 900nm for other applications.